Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Acne Free Home Remedy

This is a common condition in which the face is covered with pimples. It is caused by blockage of some of the sebaceous glands. It is seen most commonly in young people of both sexes at the time of . It is a chronic skin disease affecting the of the face.

Constipation makes it worse. In many cases it is associated with and other irregularities. Want of effective washing with insufficient exercise and perspiration, causing sluggish action of the skin glands, renders it much worse.

The mouth of small sebaceous ducts gets chocked with dust or dirt. Then a wormy looking fatty mass can be squeezed out from the gland.

The cause is wrong feeding habits and chronic constipation. The waste matter of bowels which is not eliminated by the bowels is vicariously eliminated through the sebaceous glands.

The general health must be looked into. Dyspepsia, , and similar errors should be treated.

Active exercises should be taken in the open air. The hygiene of the whole skin should be attended to by cold baths, rough towels, etc.

Run in the open air.

The most important point in the treatment is the daily washing of the affected areas with soap and hot water, after which they should be quickly immersed in the cold water. After washing the skin should be rubbed with fresh towel or brush. The contents of the sebaceous glands should be regularly squeezed out by gentle pressure.

The treatment is chiefly dietetic. Take all fruit diet for five or ten days. Take the juice of lemon mixed with honey every morning.

Correct constipation. Take warm water .

Give hot fomentation and squeeze out the matter. Take sun bath in the early morning and evening.

Give up white, refined sugar. Take a small quantity of .

Give up strong tea or coffee, condiments, pickles, savories, etc. avoid for sometime. Chew a few bitter Margo’s leaves daily.

Just follow these tried and tested and you will see the Acne leaving your face forever.